For any size and type of business, hiring is an important yet time-consuming task. There are many options your organization can take to find the best fit for the positions you need filled. Partnering with a staffing agency might seem like a pricey or luxury option at first. In reality, your company can save time and money while agencies find the best talent available. 

How a Staffing Agency Can Help Your Organization

The biggest impact that choosing a staffing agency can have on your business is your saved time. When positions open up, there are numerous tasks to be completed to find, interview, hire and onboard new talent. Agencies can take care of all of this. With extensive knowledge of industry best practices, they will write professional and intriguing job descriptions. You won’t need to bog down current employees with time-consuming task of sorting through applications and contacting candidates.

If your company is not hiring often, having an internal employee designated for hiring tasks can be a waste of time and money. Additionally, you do not want to give current employees additional hiring tasks that will keep them from their other valuable work.  

Staffing agencies can also make the huge task of hiring seasonally much simpler. If your company hires many people at once, such as every quarter, your team’s productivity and stress levels won’t need to be compromised during these intensive periods. Agencies are experts in taking on this load so that your organization can continue to run smoothly.

Partnering with an external staffing agency can also open your organization up to broader possibilities. Agencies will work hard to know what a perfect fit looks like for your company. But they can also offer objectivity throughout the process. It’s easy for any long-term employee to have “tunnel vision.” This could lead them to a very narrow idea of what a good new hire looks like. Agencies can provide you with new points of view, or a unique candidate that ends up being an excellent asset. 

The money your organization invests into partnering with a staffing agency will certainly be earned back in the time and hassle saved throughout the hiring process. Agencies like MARS Solutions Group are dedicated to finding employees that add value, passion and expertise to your team. 

Julia Donofrio
Marketing Apprentice