Referral Bonus

MARS Solutions Group believes an effective way of increasing the success of hiring and retaining good people can fall in the hands of its own employees.

We encourage our employees to refer friends, colleagues, and anyone else that may be interested in any open positions we have!

The cash bonus is made in accordance with the following general provisions:

Eligibility Criteria

  • No rehires or persons returning from a leave of absence
  • The referring party must be an active employee with the company at the time of the referral

  • Employees who provide a referral must have completed 6-months with MARS
  • Any referred employees that are hired on with MARS must remain active for a full 60-Days from start date before any bonuses are considered and released

Referral Program Procedure

  • Submit the Employee Referral Form, which requires:
    1. Referral’s Name
    2. Referral’s Email
    3. Referral’s Phone Number
    4. Relationship with Referred Person
    5. Referred for What Position
    6. Key Skills
    7. Referral’s Resume
    8. Your Name and Email

Payment Procedure

  • One installment as a cash payment normally paid on the first full pay period after the qualification period has ended
  • Applicable taxes will be deducted

Enforcement Responsibility

The MARS Human Resources Department is responsible for administering our employee referral program, including processing all referral forms, bonus applications, and resolving any disputes.

Please contact **@ma****.com if you have questions.