Partnering With Us Makes a BIG Difference To Your Bottom Line

MARS Solutions Group is an industry leader in serving organizations that require the best IT talents and data management solutions to help them build a more connected and profitable business.

Over the past 16 years, MARS Solutions Group has emerged as a tier 1 provider serving Fortune 50/500/1000 companies, best-in-category mid-sized firms, and government agencies by placing the right talents that match the organization’s culture. MARS Solutions Group has three pillars.


We can help you find the right blend of technical skills and personality fit that harmonizes with your organizational culture, management style, and team dynamics.

Our people, your potential. Attract and retain the best customized workforce solutions for your talent needs.


We grow talent and invest in our resources to provide the best for our partners. MARS Returnship looks to provide high-caliber, female technical talent to employers that value gender diversity and inclusion.

Our exceptional graduates and partner companies enjoy a customized experience to meet the unique technical and interpersonal needs of all involved.


Through years of collaboration and innovation, we have developed a way for employers to keep their talented technical employees engaged through a seamless recognition and rewards program.

Ovation is an employee recognition platform that is uniquely simple to use, personalized, and easy to manage.

Attractive rewards and thousands of customized product offerings enable managers and peers to easily and regularly give recognition and rewards.