By Emily Patch
Senior Client Success Manager

The world of employment has changed since the pandemic. Many employers are looking to start and keep employees remote. Since many tasks and responsibilities will be done virtually, qualities in potential employees have shifted. Below are some key characteristics that will help you land a remote position.

Communication. Although this skill has always been on top of the list, over-communication has become a more desired skill. It is easy to get lost in your work, especially if you are not in the office among your coworkers. Keep them, and your manager, in the loop on tasks and projects to ensure everyone understands where you are in the process. Provide clear-cut examples of how you would over-communicate with fellow employees and your manager.

Complex problem-solving. This skill is especially important if your position is 100% remote. Being able to go through a process and find a solution on your own provides a huge benefit because you are not using another employee’s time. Having a detailed example ready during your interview is a great idea.

Critical thinking. Gathering data and information about a situation, then developing a new understanding, brings great value to the team and the company. Having critical thinkers on your team allows insights into other ways of proceeding with a task or project. If you have this asset, make sure to have a few examples that will set you apart from your competition.

Judgment and decision-making. In today’s world, many tasks can be completed with technology. Although this can make your job easier, it is still important that you make ethical decisions. These two qualities should increase as technology increases, so it is important to keep these skills sharp. Employers want to ensure their employees are going to make choices that align with the company’s values, vision, and morals.

Reflect on your resume and skills, and see which ones stand out. Capitalize on those qualities, or work on a couple of the ones listed above to help increase your chances of landing that remote position.