Kay DeVolder
Senior Account Executive

2020 threw many curve balls our way and navigating them was not easy. The job hunt and hiring process drastically changed. So how will 2021 be impacted? Will the new processes carry over, or will we go back to our ”normal” procedures? Many companies found remote workers produced the same amount of work, if not more, than working on site. What does this mean for job seekers?

Broaden your job search. With an increase in remote work, different types of jobs may be available to you. If you’re looking for a new challenge or to pursue new skills, broadening your search is a good idea. Assess if you want to apply to a new job in a new industry, and if it will help you gain your desired skills or if you’ll be regressing professionally. Finding freelance work may also be an option.

Keep your video interviewing skills sharp. While virtual interviews are similar to in-person interviews, it is a good idea to ensure your video skills are sharp. Prepare as you would for an in-person interview by dressing just as formal. This includes head to toe apparel. Research the company and their products/services, look up commonly asked questions by interviewers and prepare answers as well as research what kind of questions you would like to ask about the company. These questions could include what is your company culture, do you provide professional development, and are there community services you participate in. When someone is speaking, make sure to allow a bit of space between their sentence and your answer to ensure all information has been said. During video interviews, you will also want to ensure you have good lighting, a professional background, a strong internet connection, and no extraneous background noise.

Showcase your strong communication and organization skills. Since face-to-face work will be transitioning to video-to-video, having strong communication and organization skills will be at the forefront of employers’ minds. Being able to provide examples of how strong you are in these skills is crucial. Find areas in your life or previous jobs, and layout a detailed explanation of how you handled these situations through communication and organization. Be sure to fully explain the situation and how you worked through it.

For job seekers, an increase in remote work means more opportunities and flexibility. Reach out to us today for help in your job search.