Christine Dunbeck
Marketing Manager

Employee recognition increases employee engagement, encourages high performance, retains top talent, and augments company culture. 40% of employed Americans say they would put more energy into their work if they were recognized more often. Despite this, only 51% of workers are satisfied with the recognition they receive after a job well done. One survey reported an average of 50 days since they last felt recognized in any way at work. If organizations doubled the number of employees who receive recognition for their work on a weekly basis, they would experience a 24% improvement in quality and a 27% reduction in absenteeism.

That’s where our new rewards and recognition application, Ovation, comes in.

Ovation brings employee rewards and recognition to the highest level, encourages employee engagement, inclusion, and innovation. It is uniquely simple to use, customizable, and easy to manage. It includes an interactive forum that enables peer-to-peer recognition. You can automate rewards and recognitions within the application to celebrate achievements and milestones like birthdays and work anniversaries. It has an integrated store with an extensive database of products for employees to shop.

Ovation helps supercharge any existing rewards and recognition efforts in your company so employees can receive what best fits them and what they will appreciate most, which is especially vital in an increasingly virtual work environment.

Once employees log in, they can start earning Ovations immediately. When they are given Ovations, the recognition announcement is published across the company dashboard so their success is shared widely. The dashboard allows for visibility into Ovation transactions across organizations and into products that members are shopping.

The store is an integrated e-commerce store with hundreds of products. It has a product feed from a local supplier and allows customizable products, such as custom company swag, a vacation day, lunch with the CEO, casual day, or a donation to a charity of your choice. Products are organized by category, price, and rating. Employees can also build wish lists of products. We can help you build and customize the store so that it includes ideal offerings for your employees.

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