Valerie Buchman
Administrative Assistant

On September 1, 2020, MARS Solutions Group launched their official “returnship program,” with thirteen cohort participants. In February of this year, they had their largest cohort to date, with nineteen participants.  What started out as a passion project for their CEO and Founder, Rashi Arora Khosla, has become an increasingly popular program that is growing by leaps and bounds.

What is a returnship?

“What is a returnship program?” you might ask.  Well, returnship programs are an, “…internship for workers who have stepped away from their careers for a few years or who are transitioning to new occupations. In addition to giving workers a chance to break into high-paying, high-growth fields, returnships benefit companies that are struggling to find qualified candidates for skilled positions.” 

How does it work?

For MARS Solutions Group the concept of a returnship program was a perfect addition to their offerings.  MARS is an IT staffing firm located in the Milwaukee, WI area and Khosla recognized the need within the local tech industry. She saw a gap where people who wanted to return to work were unable to get hired due to a hiatus in their careers and bias from employers.  Thus created the talent pipeline, where individuals needing reskilling and upskilling in technology are brought into the program and upon program completion, are hired by MARS clients.

MARS Returnship Program is a three-to-five-month experience and not only focuses on technical training, but soft skills, as well.  The program offers participants professional development sessions on LinkedIn best practices, benefits of active listening and conducting yourself in a corporate environment, to name a few.  This returnship program also matches each of its individual participants with their own mentor, who they typically meet with bi-weekly, to help guide them and offer that ever-increasingly important networking opportunity.  Additionally, the MARS Returnship Program provides its cohorts with opportunities for mock interviews.  Merri Beckfield, MARS Returnship Program Executive says, “It is great to see how quickly the participants not only upskill/reskill their technical knowledge but how quickly they regain their confidence.  It is a joy to see them graduate, return to the workforce, and thrive in the return to their career.”

Who benefits from a Returnship? states, “Returners add significant value to existing employee resource groups and leadership teams, bringing diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. The cohort model promotes teamwork and collaboration and supports returners to foster positive professional relationships. Returners bring these positive experiences into their full-time roles, along with their enthusiasm to enrich a people-centered workplace culture.”

How do I sign-up?

MARS Solutions Group’s next Returnship Cohort is slated to begin on Tuesday September 13, 2022.  If you or someone you know is seeking to re-enter the workforce, follow this link and apply today!




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