Sapan Khosla
Principal of Business Integration and Data Architect

We are all living through a global pandemic. These are stressful and trying times for many of us. People are worried about jobs and economic fallout from this pandemic. It’s only natural to worry about you and your loved ones’ health and safety.

How can one remain positive with all the negativity? It is important to understand and acknowledge the impact and level of seriousness with this virus, but it is still essential to have some positivity amongst it all. Here is how you can bring some positivity to your life during this time of isolation.

  • Set new goals. This is a perfect time to set new goals for yourself. Not all goals need to be big. Even the smallest task, like organizing your closet, going for walk, or learning new skills, can help you feel upbeat and accomplished. Try setting two or three smaller goals each day, and record how you feel after each accomplishment.
  • Watch a funny video. Take a break from your routine and watch a funny video to relieve some stress. Facebook and YouTube are great platforms to search for this type of content. Laughing and smiling will also help put you in a better mood.
  • Find a daily or weekly motivational quote. A great way to remind yourself that the world can also be a positive place is to pick a quote and refer to it when you lack enthusiasm. Referring to this quote throughout the day or week can help keep your mind on a positive track.
  • Exercising regularly. Take some time out of your day to be active. Simply going for a 30-minute walk will allow you to get you some fresh air. You can also search YouTube for free exercise or yoga classes. These few minutes of exercise will make you fill rejuvenated and will take your mind off the negative thoughts.
  • Deep clean and organize your space. Deep cleaning and organizing can bring you relief and a sense of clarity. Having a clean, organized space allows your mind to be free of the clutter and little things that happen in your life.
  • Take time to connect with yourself. Meditation is a great way to stay in tune with yourself. Many think this takes a great deal of time, but even 5 minutes a day can improve your mind. You can always add time once you get used to the practice. Journaling is also a great technique to release your negative thoughts.
  • Call or video chat with friends or family. Being in isolation can seem daunting. Calling or video chatting with friends or family can help take your mind off your boredom. While chatting, play a fun game or have a topic of conversation to keep your mind off the thought of being isolated.
  • Learn new skills. Why not take some of this extra time that you have to learn new skills. There are lot of ways on the internet that you can learn new skills for free or for a small fee. I had my kids piano sitting in our house gathering dust, so I signed up online for a small fee to learn this new skill.

Remember, there are ways to help you stay positive during these dire times. Everyone reacts to stress differently, so don’t get discouraged if you’re struggling. Explore new options and listen to your body and mind. We are all in this together and will make it through.