Megan Smith
Marketing Analyst

In toay’s job market, many companies are conscious of the candidate’s demands along with job market trends. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are sure to come to top of mind when discussing the matter. Along with those, a company must also provide a positive experience. This not only includes the interview process but the whole experience the candidate has with your company, even if you decide not to hire them. Building this dynamic will help increase positive brand awareness and attract top talent.  

What is the candidate experience? 

Any communication or touch points you or your company has with the candidate is part of the candidate experience. This can include, but is not limited to:  

  • Your company’s website 
  • Social media (whether you engage with their content or vice versa) 
  • Any job postings (either on a job board or your website) 
  • Advertisements 
  • The full job application process 
  • The full interview process 
  • Any communications with any or all team members (outreach or staff introductions) 
  • Application status 
  • Job rejection or job offer 

What does a positive experience look like? 

There are many components to building a positive experience. It is good to ensure you discuss and implement the following items during your engagements with the candidate.   

  • Explaining your company and role expectations along with the work environment 
  • Discuss your company’s value proposition and core values 
  • Address employment details and resources 
  • Provide a seamless interview experience 
  • Ensure a smooth transition from one process to the next (I.e., interview, to paperwork, to starting in office or remote) 
  • Be respectful during the whole process 
  • Provide all resources in order to succeed 

How can it affect your company? 

Building a positive candidate experience not only improves the company’s image in the candidate’s eyes, but in the public’s as well. Positive word of mouth (or messages) can lead to the following:  

  • Attract more applicants 
  • Can help you compete for top talent 
  • Your quality of hire will improve 
  • It will help increase brand awareness 

Being more mindful with each contact with the candidate experience can propel your company in the right direction. Ensure your team is on the same page and that each step of the process results in a positive light.