Staffing Solutions

MARS Solutions Group is a premier Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) provider dedicated to recruitment leadership, technology and outsourcing.

The company was built on our ability to source the best talents that match the unique needs of our clients. And at the right price!  By putting highly skilled software architects and data management experts in charge of the recruiting process, we provide tremendous value to our clients by identifying the right people for their team, drawing from a vast network of top professionals that we have developed from our many years in the field.

EIM Consulting

MARS Solutions Group is an elite EIM consulting partner to several mid-sized and Fortune 500 companies, helping them convert data from mere product to profit-generating capital.
Information management is a multi-faceted endeavor. In today’s world, it can no longer be about pre-defined information available for pre-defined purposes (data as a product). We believe that information management should be about obtaining new information and putting it to work in powerful new ways (data as a form of capital).

Digital Product Delivery

Chief among our many capabilities, MARS Solutions Group can create and develop extraordinary digital applications and related products.  As a leader in digital product development, we create alluring realities that compel customers to ask for more, and we support our work with turnkey project management and superior implementation.