MARS Solution Group provides a combination of people, process, and technology offerings designed from experience and grounded in expertise. 

About Us

We put the human touch into your human capital acquisition and solutions development by delivering solutions tailored to your specific challenges and partnering with you as you reach your potential. 

MARS Solutions Group has three areas of focus:  

  • Talent Solutions/People: We can help you find the right blend of technical skills and personality fit that harmonizes with your organizational culture, management style, and team dynamics.  
  • Systems Integration/Process: We bring a true partnership approach to understand and solve your problems – we will share risk and invest in our resources to help you get and train the best talent for your needs.  
  • Data Solutions/Technology: Through years of collaboration and innovation, we’ve developed a way for data science and AI to help employers keep those talented technical employees happier at work – enabling you to worry less about open roles.