Tips for figuring out the right career fit

Emily Patch
Senior Client Success Manager

There are a lot of new changes going on in the world, especially when it comes to employment. How can you figure out if your career is the right one? Whether you are seeking a new position, or are wondering if your current one is right for you, here are some things to consider.

Career tasks and responsibilities. It is important to clarify your tasks and responsibilities. This can help you decide if this path will accomplish your goals. To verify that a career is a good fit, create a priorities list of what you want and reflect on if they align with your tasks and responsibilities. Do they align? Are you willing to adjust if they don’t? Answering these two questions is a great way to discern what is right for you.

Commute/remote work. After figuring out if the responsibilities of the role align with your career path goals, decide if commuting or working remotely is preferable with your lifestyle. Take into consideration the length of the commute, work hours, workspace, and workload. These variables can play a major part in how you keep your work-life balance steady.

Company culture. This aspect affects a major part of how happy you are at work. Ensuring that the company’s values and morals align with yours is a good start in knowing that you could be happy at work. You should also ask yourself, “Do I support the company’s mission?” Being able to be proud of what you do and what the company is doing can increase your work-life happiness and your overall sense of purpose.

Growth/professional development. Having opportunities to grow professionally is huge benefit to have at a company. Whether it be online sessions or at work, it is important to ask if this is an option, especially if this is something you are looking for. Be sure to ask yourself, can the development avenue lead to a pathway that is reachable for a certain milestone?

These four facets can help aid in your decision to find a fulfilling and long-lasting career.