Software Test & Evaluation Technician I

Waukesha, Wisconsin

MARS Solutions Group is looking for an experienced Software Test & Evaluation Technician I Waukesha Wisconsin USA. Our client is a leading global Healthcare technologies and digital solutions company with an enduring and innovative presence in the industry. They foster a challenging and empowering environment that cultivates personal and professional growth.

Role Summary:

Software Technician

Join a high-performing team that is creating a digitized factory of the future for delivering healthcare imaging components. Our mission is to develop and integrate custom software for manufacturing equipment to deliver data and enable advanced analytics that will improve product quality and reduce cost

• Develop software applications or server-side scripts to collect in-process data from a wide range of manufacturing equipment and send to local database servers

• Create and validate client-side GUI’s for operator input, typically in Java, Python, or Visual Studio .NET

• Develop server-side applications to aggregate raw data in MySQL into more accessible tables

• Manage and optimize a Percona cluster of local database servers

• Automate data transfer to local Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

• Identify and develop new solutions for digitizing key business processes

• Execute rigorous testing and qualification for releasing software into a manufacturing environment

1. Associate’s degree in software, automation, engineering technology, or related technical field.

2. Proficiency in developing software in Java or Python for deployment on both Linux and Windows platforms.

3. Proficiency with MySQL queries and database table design.

4. Proficiency with source code control using GitHub.

5. Demonstrated ability to write clear and concise documentation spanning requirements capture, install procedures, and concise software test plans.

6. Ability to perform code reviews and software testing of other team members’ code.

7. Ability to communicate using local language

Preferred Qualifications:

1. Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, or related technical field.

2. Work experience developing software in Java or Python for deployment on both Linux and Windows platforms.

3. Experience interfacing to and controlling hardware.

4. Familiarity with connecting to PLC-based equipment via an OPC server.

About MARS Solutions Group:

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