We manage and develop turnkey solutions that enable our clients’ Enterprise Information Management (EIM) teams to transcend their data from mere product to data as a powerful form of capital.


Identify the opportunities and challenges of EIM.

Further develop the EIM systems core competencies.

Adapt to changing technology landscapes.

Leverage owned, earned, and paid information to optimize comprehensive business strategy creation.

MARS Solutions Group begins with business strategy. Business ambitions and priorities must drive not only specific applications of information but also an enterprise approach to capitalizing on it. Our mutually exclusive process enables organizations to align themselves with the future of data capital.

As businesses work to remedy today’s fragmentation, the amount of data in play, its freedom of movement, and the number of applications and devices using it continue to explode. These factors make EIM difficult. This doesn’t make it an unmanageable challenge, especially if enterprises foster competencies and leverage powerful technologies.

MARS Solutions Group is uniquely qualified to provide the strategic and tactical solutions with its vast resources and thought leadership. Owning the customer relationship is vital and failing to do that will risk fading away. Investing in EIM is the only way to own your relationship with customers.