MARS Solutions Group offers an off-the-shelf Software as a Service (SaaS) based solution entitled eSentiment that allows an organization to measure the public sentiment score based on social network data.

eSentiment gives you specific insights into the sentiments of your target audiences on social media. It can help you gauge opinion on your corporate message, services, or products. It is an automated system where data extraction and analysis are a continuous process.

eSentiment can be set up in a matter of days so that you can:

1.       Capture the public sentiment or emotions toward your organization.

2.       Measure the success of organizational policies or decisions across all the stakeholders.

3.       Measure and manage impressions.

4.       Influence decisions on marketing investments and related channels.


How eSentiment Works

Artificial intelligence (AI) and business intelligence (BI) help businesses achieve management goals by providing more authentic facts and figures.

Working together via eSentiment, AI and BI enables stakeholders to make sound and timely decisions. Supported by data reporting, analysis, and a customizable dashboard, eSentiment can drive and improve business by helping users discover the hidden potential of the business offerings.

eSentiment was designed based on the Dashboard, Analysis & Report (DAR) principle to give the client organization tremendous range in discerning internal and external customer sentiment.

  • The DASHBOARD section of the product is the most basic aspect, providing the highlights of public sentiments to get the most of the product at a quick glance.
  • The ANALYSIS section of the product provides further insights into the analysis. The public sentiments are divided into various segments (customer, employee, supplier, general public, etc.) and demographics (including geography), so as to provide the client with the tools to address specific target audience sentiments most effectively.
  • The REPORT level of the product provides the most granular details, including individual reviews and sentiments of the public along the various segments described above.

The features described above enable our clients to evaluate their reputation management success in real-time.

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