MARS Solutions Group is at the forefront of the new generation of technologies and architectures, creating value from large volumes of data and from a wide variety of sources, enabling high-velocity capture, discovery and analysis, so that big data becomes big capital – profit-generating capital!


Transform your data from technical waste into profit-generating capital.

We help companies meet and exceed both mission and vision goals and objectives.

MARS Solutions Group partners with our clients to design scalable business intelligence solutions with domain expertise as well as technical capabilities. Our data scientists use our information delivery methodology to take you through the phases of data discovery and help you identify what visual storytelling and in sights you need. Our methodology quickly delivers value and gets business and IT actively engaged.

Enterprises are often unsure if they need to look into big data and how it would fit into their current information management framework.

We identify the right big data business opportunities and build enterprise big data road maps to help companies.

Our big data advisory services cover the following:

  • Enterprise Data Assessment
  • Big Data Use Case Identification
  • Enterprise Big Data Strategy
  • Big Data Integration With An Exiting Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)