Referral Program

MARS Solutions Group believes good people know and recommend good people, and therefore encourages employees and contractors to refer people and be rewarded through its Referral Bonus Program. Overall, the program is aimed at enhancing MARS Solutions Group’s recruiting capabilities by increasing candidate selection pools, reducing cost-per-hire and boosting employee morale.

  • The Referral Bonus Program amount is $500 per qualified placement.


  • All MARS Solutions Group employees are eligible to participate except for:
    • Executive officers.
    • Human Resources employees.
    • Hiring managers or individuals who would have a direct reporting relationship with the candidate.
  • All eligible candidates must meet the following criteria in order for the employee to be eligible for a referral bonus:
    • Cannot be a MARS Solutions Group contract or temporary employee.
    • Candidate must fill an eligible position. Eligible positions include all open positions posted on the MARS Solutions Group website.
    • Cannot be a transfer from another MARS Solutions Group location.


  • When a regular, full-time or regular part-time employee or contractor recommends a qualified individual for a valid opening, and the referral is hired as a regular full-time or regular part-time employee by the subsidiary, a referral bonus will be paid, in one installment, after the new employee has been on the payroll for 90 days.
  • Referral bonuses are normally paid on the first full pay period after the qualification period has ended.  Applicable taxes will be deducted.
  • Both the employee who made the recommendation and the employee who was hired must be employees of MARS Solutions Group corporate team or a MARS Solutions Group subsidiary at the time the bonus payment is due.

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