My wallet was stolen in Amsterdam but…..

Kelley Miller
Vice President of Business Development at MARS Solutions Group

We found eMagiz after an extensive search for an iPaaS solution, a way to integrate systems without any coding required. I just returned from Amsterdam after an amazing week of getting to know our new partners from eMagiz.

While they were generous hosts that showed us a fun time, the biggest thrill was learning about how a bunch of young guys fresh out of college keep fueling the innovation. The CEO was recruiting everywhere we went.

These guys are like 10 years younger than me and I was willing to give them a fair amount of slack for any shortcomings in courtesy or service. But they taught me a few new lessons about a progressive culture, like “nth” degree standards such as “respect the clock” or “prevent the use of unnecessary adjectives.” It is these little things that go a long way towards amazing growth! This amazing company based on their unique vision for helping businesses realize complete application integration:

Let’s figure out how data integration could be modeled instead of hard-coded!

Less than ten years later, my firm – MARS Solutions Group (MARS SG) will be bringing this realization to the US with the intent of fulfilling our own mission of helping our clients build a more connected business with even greater agility.

More than just a product, eMagiz supports their clients with an extensive community of service delivery partners using a culture of teamwork that runs very deep.

They have a special name for this culture: Voorbeeldgedrag (Lead by example).

Voorbeeldgedrag can be seen posted on every door at the eMagiz corporate offices followed by the company’s “10 Commandments” for leading by example.

Leading by example, MARS SG looks forward to attacking the $500 billion American epidemic of disparate systems and disjointed platforms made from different software products. With eMagiz, we can transform data from technical debt into profit-generating capital.

If you’re wondering, yes my wallet was really stolen. The universe has a crazy way of balancing out fortune.