Looking for the fastest, most innovative iPaaS? Get on the eMagiz Bus!

  • Published on LinkedIn on January 14, 2019

Sapan Khosla
Executive Director

In a marketplace that is seemingly saturated with integrated Platforms as a Service (iPaas), we at MARS Solutions Group asked ourselves the following question:

“Why do American companies still have so much technical debt from their over-dependency on IT to support interfaces so long after the integrations are performed?”

Software developers and big data solutions firms are licking their lips at the fees they can command for what has become a $500 billion industry of integrating disparate systems.

We choose to view this as a serious epidemic whose only cure is a combination of using a model-driven platform with a team of experts committed to agile project management and related best practices.

Accordingly, when we launched our new partnership with eMagiz in Q4 of this year, we wanted to let potential stakeholders know about our investment of time, research and dollars to find the right product and the right people driving this product.

Thus, I feel compelled to tell our story in blog form because it is our intention to be a market disruptor in attacking the technical debt epidemic, and the market needs to know about the commitment we have made – and are continuing to make – to be a profitable solution.

Our extensive search took us to the other side of the Atlantic, to The Netherlands to discover the ultimate solution – eMagiz. But concurrently with our sourcing efforts, we were utilizing our own in-house talents to create our version of the ideal integration platform. 

With time being of the essence, we opted for an established product with demonstrated success in the marketplace that can deliver solutions with the greatest speed and hence, the lowest code technology.

Our clients cannot afford to wait any longer while the cost of maintaining disparate systems and/or post-integration support continues to rise. Current solution available in US are expensive and not agile.

It was this sense of urgency and our drive to do better that led us to eMagiz. Our new friends from The Netherlands had exactly what we were looking for in an integration platform –

a multi-tenant hybrid model (that they call “the bus”) that can go from cloud-to-cloud, prem-to-prem, or as a hybrid of both. 

It gives you the visibility and control so that you can actually open up eMagiz, click on any integration and see where it’s going. Dashboard within eMagiz provide high level view of your integration landscape. Architects can further drill down to examine integration message details.

Again, we wanted a cutting-edge market innovator with a proven track record. eMagiz offered both, and they’ve been doing it since 2011, when their founders took their vision for a model-driven data integration platform and made it a reality.

In 2013, the eMagiz “bus” was the platform of choice for “Network TMS,” a central transportation management system for logistics providers that work within the distribution channels of DHB Logistiek and Teamtrans (Holland’s two biggest logistics companies)

Emagiz ensured proper communication between the individual systems of the two network members, as well as communication from and to the customers who utilize the services of both distribution networks. The platform was also able to organize the invoicing to clients, as well as mutual rates and settlements between parties. The integrations for exchanging data with partners were automated and eMagiz was extended for use as a communication hub.

When Belgian-based Wagenborg Nedlift wanted to fully digitize their manual administrative work in 2016, they got on the eMagiz “bus.”  The full-service provider of heavy transport, hoisting and assembly services (operating in four different countries) wanted to improve the efficiency of their overall process, which meant replacing paperwork with digital innovation and making their data available in real time.

The new tablet solution with linked data from underlying systems enabled customers to check order receipts and immediately determine actual costs.

But the biggest takeaway was the new possibilities that the internal team identified. For an IT project of this magnitude, they were concerned about meeting deadlines and soldiering through the “usual problems” of a new system. Instead, they discovered that their work preparation could be easily linked to the new system. Because eMagiz enables the user to easily estimate what information is needed to achieve a perfectly functioning solution, the planner and accountant on the project team were able to prevent bottlenecks from the old administrative process from ending up in the new system!

The crane operators loved it because all the admin required was automatically added in the digital receipt, plus they (along with the shop floor employees and customers) were able to learn and use the new tablet quickly.

As John Dorgelo, the project owner from Wagenborg Nedlift, observed, “we are now in demand with many customers…the application is also a powerful sales tool.”

There are more recent case studies with exciting results from eMagiz clients, but we want to start telling American stories. Who’s ready to get on the bus?