Rashi Arora Khosla
Founder & CEO

Rashi quit her flourishing corporate career in information Technology to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams. Passionate towards technology and data, she launched MARS Solutions Group with boot strap capital and grew it organically to a thriving 8 Million Dollar business – in just four years.  Under Rashi’s leadership, MARS Solutions Group has earned numerous awards and accolades, including spots on the Inc 5000 list, the Future 50 list and several CIO review recognitions.   ERP & Information Architects at MARS are helping their clients do more with their data and turn it into strategic assets that fuel business growth.  She refers to these assets as “Data Capital.”

A natural and meticulous strategist, Rashi worked across the globe, managing large teams and developing Data & Information solutions for several prominent clients. Her innovative approach to problem-solving is perhaps her greatest strength as a leader.  Prior to her work with MARS SG, Rashi has served in technical and management positions, and has been retained as a consultant for several Milwaukee companies in various industries.  She has maintained a strong background in business, technology, and process development throughout her career in the IT arena.

Sapan Khosla
Principal / BI Architect

Sapan is an enthusiastic entrepreneur and IT leader with over 20 years of ERP and business experience.  His unique combination of technical and management skills make him an effective partner for business teams, stakeholders and steering committees seeking guidance for business intelligence solutions and delivery.  He has a proven ability to identify and execute IT solutions that align with a company’s core business capabilities.

Sapan has over 12 years of experience in managing & implementing SAP and analytics portal projects.  He built an SAP COE (Center of Excellence) from the ground up and has managed all aspects of a COE ranging from resource management, testing processes, training, and support coordination.  In 2015, Sapan took a leading role in developing the MARS SG’s  ERP and EIM Framework and Solutions offering.

Last August, Sapan recently completed an ERP assessment for a major supplier to the hospitality trade, thus creating a blueprint for the $50 million company to build a more connected business.

Kelley Miller
Vice President, Business Development

Kelley is an accomplished entrepreneur, innovator and business development executive in the information technology field.  He has a solid understanding of the digital landscape from professional services to licensed software.  Kelley successfully negotiated the terms & conditions of the recent partnership with eMagiz iPaaS which made MARS SG the exclusive North American provider of this revolutionary platform.  He also leveraged an established business relationship to launch a powerful new employee retention tool in 2019 called Ovation.

Kelley co-founded his own company – FireMate 451 – in June, 2008 (less than four years after graduating from college).  He created the concept based on a discovery that all engineering estimations across several industries were being performed using Excel spreadsheets.  He approached two college buddies with an idea for developing a software solution for estimating fire sprinkler systems.  By the time he sold his shares less than six years later, FireMate 451 grew to $7 million in annual sales.

Kelley has been praised by our strategic partners for being a quick learner with a great talent for spotting unique value propositions, especially from new business concepts.