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Introducing the Power to Build a More Connected Business

  • Companies are spending $500 billion dollars on integrating different software systems.
  • Disjointed and fragmented platforms are a common challenge for organizations as business software is built in different programming languages or bought off-the-shelf.
  • The high cost of system integrators and the time that it takes to fix a multitude of problems prevents many companies from connecting key systems together.
  • More than 1/3 of most IT project costs go towards integrating various business systems. These typical integrations make businesses MORE dependent on IT for supporting the interfaces, and the technical debt gets higher and higher.


Build a more connected business with model-driven
enterprise integration products & services from eMagiz

With eMagiz iPaaS, you can say goodbye to the information clutter and technical debt that has been strangling your business growth.

eMagiz is a model-driven integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) and Managed Services (Cloud EDI) tool that can help you integrate your business with unprecedented ease and speed-to-market.

Our model-driven integration platform is the ideal solution for systems integrators and software vendors looking for greater speed and agility in their project work.

eMagiz gives you the power to


Give your integration projects a head start


Establish a message bus architecture with a few clicks


Visual design tools for model-driven integrations


Release your integrations in the cloud


Monitor the health of your system as you build a more connected business

Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

eMagiz delivers Integration Lifecycle Management (ILM) as a service:

  • Enables social collaboration and agile project management
  • Gives you the power to rapidly design and implement enterprise messaging concepts
  • Has model-driven design tools to create integration solutions
  • Includes easy, automated cloud deployments and on-premises distribution
  • Allows for integrated release management with user roles and version control
  • Features pro-active content management and monitoring tools
  • Possesses a unique agility to extend, improve and adapt to changes

Cloud EDI Platform

eMagiz offers managed EDI services for supply chain integration to automate:

  • Order-to-cash processes with trading partners
  • Purchase-to-pay processes with suppliers
  • Intercompany logistics processes
  • Third party logistics (3PL) collaboration
  • Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR)
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) concepts
  • ERP data integration (e.g. Exact, Microsoft, SAP)

eMagiz was founded on a simple concept:

The only way for companies to survive in this fast-changing world is to increase their speed of innovation.

In a world that is becoming more and more software-driven, organizational success is based on fast delivery and continuous improvement of digital transformation projects.

Digital transformation requires a strong foundation of integrations with many different data sources, now locked up in silo’s and legacy applications.

Building integrations in this era requires new technology and skills to overcome technical complexities and a cumbersome integration delivery processes. eMagiz offers this new low code technology to deliver robust integration projects with the greatest speed.

MARS SG and eMagiz

With eMagiz, MARS SG possesses the skills to build your integration foundation by using visual models, the connector store, automated cloud deployments and tons of built-in best practices.