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Artificial Intelligence

The adoption of AI (Artificial Intelligence) has accelerated and those who are not embracing it risk falling behind.

No matter where your company is on the AI adoption curve, MARS SG offers an avenue of entry.

With a deep bench of accomplished data scientists and engineers, our offering spans pilot projects to a fully customizable AI platform that integrates with your digital transformation initiatives.

Technology + Talent + Technique = MARS approach to AI

MARS SG is an AI software company that bridges the gap between technical AI and commercial application in the fields of vision and voice

  • We deliver end-to-end AI solutions, not reports. We will see your AI applications through from start to finish and guide your staff through the process.
  • We are well-versed in AI thanks to our world-class data scientists who combine commercial experience with refined technology development expertise that spans over 20 years.
  • Our unique approach focuses on creating significant value for clients by blending the best human insights, technology and data to create intelligent products that learn and adapt.


Customizable AI Platform/Engine for your unique needs:


MARSSG analyzes large volumes of recordings to identify key patterns and trends. First, the software transcribes call recordings. Then, using our industry-leading text and sentiment analytics engine, we uncover the customer’s emotions, feelings and sentiment.

By incorporating deep contextual awareness, emotion, and situational discovery, we allow organizations to maximize every customer interaction and to use the data to drive strategy, improve services, and ultimately deliver enriching customer experiences.

MARS SG’s speech analytics solution:

  • Simultaneously processes up to 200 streams of uncompressed audio data
  • Automatically transcribes any type of call recording, including service calls, phone-based market research, or after-call surveys, with the highest degree of accuracy
  • Applies best-in-class, enterprise-grade audio transcription algorithms for consistency and accuracy
  • Uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and sentiment scoring to capture the literal voice of the customer considering nuances like emotional data, including tone of voice, phrasing and punctuation


Deep Learning is a part of machine learning that is based on a set of algorithms that attempt to model high-level abstractions in data. It is a part of the broader family of machine learning methods, which are based on learning data representations.

Deep Learning mimics the brain in two ways:

  • Knowledge is acquired by the network from its environment through the processes
  • Interneuron connection strengths are used to store the acquired knowledge

Portfolio Management: MARS SG uses Deep Learning for interpreting information, trends, news and compares it with statistics from tons of data sources. This helps in determining the performance of a business decision or an investment to take further actions accordingly.

Customer Service: MARS SG makes use of Deep Learning technology for amplifying and extending the reach of big data analytics. Our aim is to improve the customer experience by tapping into the power of Deep Learning algorithms for determining the quality of your product, customer segmentation and knowing the right marketing channels that would reach the right customer in a particular segment.

Sentiment Analysis:  MARS SG uses Deep Learning algorithms to generate customer insights by analyzing social media, news trends, and other data sources. Deep Learning algorithms also help in accurately demonstrating how people respond to these trends. We aim at analyzing these myriad human-related factors with Deep Learning for providing our clients with correct and updated insights.


Predictive analytics brings together advanced analytics capabilities spanning ad-hoc statistical analysis, predictive modelling, data mining, text analytics, optimization, real-time scoring and machine learning. These tools help organizations discover patterns in data and go beyond knowing what has happened to anticipate what is likely to happen next.

  • Statistical analysis and visualization: Address the entire analytical process: planning, data collection, analysis, reporting, and deployment
  • Predictive modelling and data mining: Use powerful model-building, evaluation, and automation capabilities
  • Decision management and deployment: Activate your analytics with advanced model management and analytic decision management on prem, on cloud or as hybrid
  • Big data analytics: Analyze big data to gain predictive insights and build effective business strategies

SaaS Solution:

Capture & score public sentiment:

MARS SG offers an off-the-shelf SaaS based solution – eSentiment that allows an organization to measure the public sentiment score based on Social Network data.

eSentiment gives you specific insights into the entiments of your target audiences on social media.It is an automated system where data extraction and analysis are a continuous process.

eSentiment can be set up in a matter of days so that you can

  1. Capture the public sentiment/emotions toward your organization.
  2. Measure the success of organizational policies/decisions across all the stakeholders.
  3. Measure & Manage
  4. Influence decisions on marketing investments and related channels.