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We truly believe and have successfully proven that we can help our clients find the right talent at the right time and a right cost.  Our confidence in this arena is backed by our differentiating factors below:

  • MARS Solutions Group understands that the best and most qualified candidates are not actively searching for a new position. We know these candidates must first be identified and then appropriately persuaded to consider a new career venture that they are uniquely qualified to fill. This is where we excel.
  • Exclusive access to a vast network of talented IT & Engineering professionals stemming from our own diverse IT industry background and exposure for several years in the metro Milwaukee area. We have an unparalleled understanding of the national IT & Engineering market.
  • Right from the first step, recruitment is done by highly-skilled IT & Engineering professionals. Their background gives them much deeper understanding and interpretation skills for client’s needs.
  • We employ a highly-customized and effective process for technical and behavioral screenings. This ensures that you will find the best combination of technical and soft skills required for your unique needs.
  • In addition, professionals who leave a new position within the first year typically do so because of the wrong “fit.” MARS Solutions Group recruitment professionals place a high premium on understanding a company’s distinctive culture enabling us to identify, qualify and assist its clients in delivering the most qualified candidates.   As a result, our mission is to be a “Perfect Fit Partner.”

Focus Areas:

IT Staffing

MARS Solutions Group is a “Tier One” vendor to several Fortune 500 companies to provide nearly every IT functional and technical skill set. Our business model supports and thrives on this endeavor through our network of resources. Our network is fully capable in staffing teams for new application development, application support, infrastructure implementation & administration, Database development & administration, EDW/BI, several ERP and CRM implementation and support.

Engineering Staffing

We have provided staffing solutions in the aerospace, chemical, computer and software, electrical, Industrial/Manufacturing, Mechanical and Petroleum disciplines, with positions ranging from research and development resources to test engineers.

Finance and Accounting Staffing

Our finance and accounting staffing includes providing our clients with CPA’s, accountants, financial analysts, payroll and benefits specialists, accounts payable and receivable specialists, budget analysts and auditors.

Office and Administrative Staffing

Recruiting of customer service focused individuals with skills in general administration, accounting, purchasing, contract administration and other unique needs has proven successful for our clients.